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Doc Trauma - Domestic Man of Mystery

A man of many talents and questionable sanity, Doc Trauma started his career as an OB/GYN specifically to indulge his love of women. However, he quickly shifted directions when the realization dawned on him that an actual MD degree was expected. Plus only freaks sleep with their OB/GYN.

Shifting to brain dysfunction seemed the natural next option, and he became an expert in studying the neurological patterns caused by humor, disgust, and sex. He created dozens of offensive, funny, and tantalizing designs to help gauge his patients’ neural stimulus.

However, after multiple license suspensions for using his humor research to charm patients into sex or sometimes disgusting sex, Doc Trauma decided to retire from actual doctorhood so he could spend more time playing doctor. In an effort to continue funding his debauchery and expensive tastes, Doc opened up the Trauma Ward and T-shirt Trauma, where anyone with the urge to be offensive, flirtatious, or funny can get a hold of one of the many original designs the Doc used to inflame his patients. And his family. And complete strangers. And that one monkey at the zoo that the handlers still swear can’t read, despite the “incident”…

Doc Trauma currently spends his days either flirting with the girls on one of Florida’s many year-round bikini infested beaches, or in his offices in Atlanta, testing and releasing more designs on the unsuspecting youth of our great nation.

"My favorite 3 designs are: "I Eat Bunnies Like You for Breakfast", because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I also really enjoy "Life is Grand with a Big Banana" because it really just is. I actually like to pull one out right after breakfast. And lastly, "It’s All About the Booty", because pirates are just cool."


VERONICA - AKA Black Betty

“I’m a Veronica.“ Totally one of my favorite lines from the great movie Heathers. I am one of the misfit inventors of I have a twin sister (Betty) who isn’t good for much but her blondeness and giggling. Yeah, if you didn’t catch that – we are Betty & Veronica-- really and truly. Our parents are such asses! Betty was always the popular one—cheerleader… blah… blah… blah… (barf!) I wanted to distance myself from being a “twin”. So way back in the day I decided to dye my hair black. I became known as “Black Betty” or  “The Other Betty”.  We somewhat get along now, so I got her to model along with me. Like our hair colors, we are exact opposites. I love industrial & hardcore music, sci-fi books & bad horror flicks. She likes puppies, rainbows and long walks on the beach.

Anyway,buy some damn shirts already! Check back here for updates & sign up for my newsletter – membership has its privileges. Of course, like all the other sheep, I have a myspace page so add me bitches!

The Tshirts that are nearest and dearest to my heart are "Unicorns Ate My Baby" cause its so darn cute, "333 Half Evil", & "Freak Magnet"




I guess there are some people out there who want to know "about" me. I’m Betty. Born in the Midwest USA and raised with my Twin sister Veronica. Yeah, Betty & Veronica! Isn’t that sooo cute!? She's a pain in the rear. She's not the only sarcastic smarty pants in the world, but I can't tell her any different. Anywho... I do a little modeling for and I have contributed several of the designs.

I love stuff like classic 80’s music and movies. If there’s an old-wave night around, I’m there! My friends would describe me as bubbly and friendly this does not equal stupid-- I can def handle my business when needed!

My greatest thrill so far has been going to Dragoncon 2007 in Atlanta and meeting the Phelps Twins AKA Fred & George Weasley. I love all the Harry Potter films!

I guess my favorite shirts are: "Who’s Your Baghdaddy?", "Little Princess Bow to Your Queen", and "Single, Sexy and Out of Your League." Keep checking out the site for new pics. Buy some shirts so I can continue modeling and having fun! Rock on! I can't spell, so if I have any typo's, forgive me =) Don't forget to add me on Myspace!

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