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T-Shirt Trauma Team at Dragoncon 2007
Doc Trauma, Nurse Veronica & Sexy Surgeon Steve -- DragonCon 2007 Pictures
More Pics to come as we continue to digest our weekend meeting all the fine freaks and geeks
at Dragoncon 2007. Please check back periodically for updates.
It was awesome to meet all of you! And remember --
Buy a Damn T-Shirt Already! Save $5 off! Coupon Code: grandopening5
Bogus Journey_Veronica
Hot Supergirl Dragoncon 2007
Bill, Ted, Death and Naughty Nurse Veronica. Definitely not Bogus!
Excellent! Don't Fear the Reaper
Hot, adorable Supergirl at Dragoncon
Doc Trauma almost had a heart attack
Apollo from Battlestar Galactica and Betty
Jesus, Satan, Veronica, The world is doomed!
The ORIGINAL Apollo from Battlestar Galactica: Richard Hatch
Also, plays Tom Zarek in the new series. He was so cool
and Betty says he was "Dead Sexy" She's wearing her "Frack" Shirt, which is
the Best one out there hands down!
Buddy Jesus, Veronica and Satan
Pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.
Also, Beelzebub had his hand all over Veronica's ass.
Good thing she's been doing squats
Veronica and the Hottie Naughty Cops
Phelps Twins also Weasley Twins and Golden Snatch Shirt
Cutie Cops and Veronica
They were sexy; they had cuffs
and they knew how to use them
Oliver and James Phelps. The Phelps Twins
AKA Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter

Betty and Doc Trauma wore their Golden Snatch Shirts for this special occasion
Box Toopers Dragon Con 2007
Eric Estrada Deport Pedro. Hilarious!
Box Storm Troopers
They're boxy but they're cute!
Erik Estrada
We think this one is frekin' fantastic. Deport Pedro
Barf Space Balls Dragoncon 2007
Bamber Bunnies. I Eat Bunnies Like You For Breakfast Dragoncon 2007
Spaceballs Rocks
Bamber Bunnies and Doc trauma
This is the Jamie Bamber (Apollo) Fan club! Such cute little bunnies.
Doc says, "I Eat Bunnies Like you for Breakfast "
Veronica Loves the Handi Capable!
Youth in Asia at Dragoncon 2007
Handi-Men and Veronica
They were very special
What's wrong with Youth in Asia?
This guy suggested lead poisoning
Doc Trauma and a Tasty Young Wench at Dragon Con 2007
Richard Hatch and Doc trauma at Dragon Con 2007
Doc Trauma and a Tasty Young Wench
Finger Lickin' Good Ya'll
The real Apollo from Battlestar Galactica
Rock on! Check out the Frack Shirt - It's Badass!
Quidditch Team and the Trauma Team. It's on!
We were seeking the golden snatch and found a whole Quidditch Team!
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