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T-Shirt Hell Closing Up Shop
Feb 4 , 2009

Orlando, FL – When offensive Humor T-shirt site, T-shirt Hell, announced this week that they were closing up shop, and not for economic reasons, a few people were happy, a lot of people were mad, but just about everybody was surprised.
“In the world of rude and politically incorrect humor, T-shirt Hell was at the top of the charts,” said T-shirt Trauma owner (and T-shirt Hell competitor) ‘Doc Trauma’. “They’ve been pushing the limits of Free Speech and bad taste since way back in 2001, so it’s kind of hard to believe Sunshine is giving it up because he’s sick of people talking smack.” Read More

DragonCon 2008 to be Traumatized!
Aug 31, 2008

Atlanta, GA – The 2008 DragonCon festival goers will be seeing double this year with visits from T-shirt Trauma’s Head Nurses, Betty and Veronica, as well as Doc Trauma himself. Joining over 30,000 other partying and dressed up attendees, the nurses plan to dive into the experience and see what all the fuss is about. Read More


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